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    The Health Protection Agency is an independent organisation dedicated to protecting people's health. The bulk of the North West Region web content can now be found here on the national website For online surveillance data (WebSurv) and mapping, please use the Surveillance tools link to the left.


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Research and development

We follow and participate in the latest and greatest regarding research in the field of long term health issues for the north west.
Infection diseases
Important news and research results about infection diseases.
Chemicals and poison
Important news and research results about chemicals and poison.
Important news and research results about causes and effect of radiation.

Most common health issues

The most common health issues
Cardiac Arrest
More information on website
Cardiovascular disease
More information on website

Training and events

We follow closely the most important events and guide you in the djungle of educations available.
Important trainings related to this site.
Important events in the health field.